About Us

Welcome to Fenix Cyber Solutions, where we provide tailor-made cybersecurity solutions that protect and enhance your business. Our unique approach combines industry standards, your mission, and best-in-class frameworks to create a transparent strategy that ensures your business is secure and efficient. We celebrate diversity, foster trust, and embrace intelligent automation to streamline processes and drive innovation. With our comprehensive cybersecurity stack, we offer a holistic protection plan for your business. Fenix Cyber Solutions is more than a cybersecurity firm; we are your partners in navigating the digital landscape and driving your business success. Welcome to Fenix Cyber, where we help your business soar.

Our Values

    1. Standards-Driven Excellence: We wield industry-proven frameworks, best in class tools, and a tireless pursuit of excellence to make us as remarkable to work for as we are to hire. We believe in learning from the best to deliver outstanding results—our starting point is excellence, and we aim even higher.

    2. Do Right, Always: We pave our road to success with ethical relationships, inclusivity, and a deep-rooted commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We honor our commitments and do the right thing, every time. With us, doing good is doing well.

    3. Agile by the Numbers: We don't just adapt; we anticipate. Powered by actionable data and performance metrics, our swift decision-making keeps us one step ahead of market shifts and client needs.

    4. Trust is Earned, Every Day: Transparency isn't a buzzword here; it's our operational DNA. We take pride in our work, and we're not afraid to show it—every single day.

    5. Automate to Elevate: We see automation as the next step in a journey that started with the industrial revolution—a journey of freeing humans from drudgery. Just as machines once relieved us of physical toil, today's smart systems can liberate us from repetitive mental tasks. We use automation to enhance our potential, not to replace us.

    6. Inclusivity and Respect Are Non-Negotiable: We celebrate the unique value each individual brings. Every human matters, be it a client or a team member. Our culture is one of unconditional inclusion and respect, where everyone can thrive and bring their unique strengths to the table.

    7. We Will Do Better: A journey will have pain and failure. It is not only the steps forward that we must accept. It is the stumbles. The trials. The knowledge that we will fail. But if we stop, if we accept the person we are when we fail, the journey ends. That failure becomes our destination. Journey before destination.


Our Team

The strength of Fenix Cyber Solutions lies in the expertise and dedication of our team. Composed of a group of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives to the table, driving innovation and excellence in every project we undertake.  
Each member of our team is a specialist in their respective fields, with a deep understanding of industry standards, cybersecurity frameworks, and business processes. But it's not just their technical prowess that sets them apart. It's their unwavering dedication to our clients, their commitment to ethical conduct, and their passion for continuous improvement.


IMG_20220413_135406649_processed (2)Guiding Fenix Cyber Solutions is our founder and CEO, Chase Carlton. A seasoned IT leader and project manager, Chase brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of compliance and cybersecurity. His approach is straightforward and down-to-earth, focusing on aligning technology with business needs.  
Chase's leadership is characterized by a commitment to ethical conduct and a passion for continuous learning. His wide-ranging knowledge in cloud computing, industry and business process, and regulatory compliance ensures that we stay at the forefront of industry developments.  

Together, we are Fenix Cyber Solutions. We are your dedicated partners in cybersecurity and business technology, ready to guide and protect your business in the ever-evolving digital landscape.